Event: 20180104-032400

Despite the extremely cold weather, there are numerous reports from members of the public in Minnesota and Canada of a fireball seen over that state at approximately
9:24 PM Central Standard Time (2018 January 4 3:24 UTC). An analysis of their accounts places the first observation of the meteor at an altitude of 68 miles above the town of Kelliher. Moving north of west at 54,000 miles per hour, the meteor flew right between Upper and Lower Red Lake in Minnesota before ablating some 31 miles above the farm land east of Erie. An EarthCam located in Cavalier, North Dakota recorded the flash from this event on the horizon.

Event Data

Event ID 20180104-032400
Date (UTC) Jan. 4, 2018
Time (UTC) 03:24:00
AMS Event 43-2018
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +47.994, -94.386
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +48.110, -95.526
Chicken Little Altitude 110.3 km → 49.0 km ( 68.5 miles→ 30.5 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 36.2 km/s (81,000 mph)