Event: 20180619-040134

This event was seen over the Pacific Ocean just off the coast near Santa Cruz. Occurring at 9:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time (2018 June 19 04:01 UTC), it was seen by approximately 40 eyewitnesses in the Bay Area. No camera data has been located for this fireball, which occurred in the evening twilight. The eyewitness accounts indicate that the meteor was first seen at an altitude of 57 miles, moving northwest at 47,000 miles per hour. It ablated at an altitude of 24 miles.

Event Data

Event ID 20180619-040134
Date (UTC) June 19, 2018
Time (UTC) 04:01:34
AMS Event 2090-2018
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +36.727, -122.722
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +37.163, -122.900
Chicken Little Altitude 91.6 km → 38.8 km ( 56.9 miles→ 24.1 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 21.1 km/s (47,200 mph)