Event: 20180629-043520

A fireball was reported by eyewitnesses in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, the DC area, and Pennsylvania at 12:35 am Eastern Daylight Time (2018 June 29 04:35 UTC). It was also detected by a NASA all sky meteor camera at Hiram College in Ohio, the data from which was combined with the eyewitness accounts to determine a trajectory. The results suggest that the meteor was first seen 56 miles above Gettysburg, moving to the southeast at a leisurely 40,500 miles per hour, It ablated 33 miles over Curtis Bay on the southeast shore of Baltimore. Based on the video data, the brightness of the fireball was around magnitude -8, close to that of the 1st Quarter Moon, which indicates that the size of the meteoroid causing the fireball was about 7 inches across, with a weight of about 15 pounds.

NASA Images and Videos

Event Data

Event ID 20180629-043520
Date (UTC) June 29, 2018
Time (UTC) 04:35:20
AMS Event 2229-2018
Magnitude -8.0
Size 7 inches
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +39.784, -77.308
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +39.199, -76.579
Chicken Little Altitude 80.8 km → 49.1 km ( 50.2 miles→ 30.5 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 18.8 km/s (42,100 mph)