Event: 20180720-050457

At 10:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time (2018 July 20 5:05 UTC), eyewitnesses in the states of California and Nevada reported seeing a fireball. Their accounts are somewhat contradictory, but an analysis of the currently available information suggests that the meteor was first seen at an altitude of 66 miles above the California town of Indian Wells, flying over the desert just a bit east of south at 42,500 miles per hour. It ablated some 34 miles above the hills to the east of the Honda Proving Center of California (race tracks), located south of Cantil. No imagery of this event has been posted as of this time, but it is highly unlikely that this object produced meteorites.

Event Data

Event ID 20180720-050457
Date (UTC) July 20, 2018
Time (UTC) 05:04:57
AMS Event 2495-2018
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +35.686, -117.908
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +35.288, -117.793
Chicken Little Altitude 106.5 km → 54.4 km ( 66.2 miles→ 33.8 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 18.9 km/s (42,300 mph)