Event: 20181103-002000

Over 300 eyewitnesses in the mid-West U.S. have submitted reports describing a fireball that lit up the sky at 7:20 PM Central Daylight Time (2018 November 3 00:20 UTC). An analysis of these accounts indicates that the meteoroid began to ablate at an altitude of 55 miles above the town of Bull Shoals in northern Arkansas and fragmented some 25 miles above Mincy in southern Missouri. The object lasted just over 2.5 seconds, traversing 28 miles through the atmosphere at a speed of 41,000 miles per hour. At maximum brightness, the fireball produced a light equivalent to 3 times that of the Full Moon, indicating that the ablating meteoroid was about 3 feet in diameter, with a mass of 1 ton; this puts it just under the 1 meter diameter boundary between asteroid and meteoroid.

Event Data

Event ID 20181103-002000
Date (UTC) Nov. 3, 2018
Time (UTC) 00:20:00
AMS Event 4531-2018
Size 3 feet