Event: 20181108-232600

At 6:26 PM Eastern Standard Time (2018 November 8 23:26 UTC), eyewitnesses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware reported seeing a bright fireball. Analysis of their reports puts the first visibility of the meteor at an altitude of 56 miles just to the south of the Atlantic City beaches, moving to the southwest at 78,000 miles per hour. The object ablated approximately 36 miles above the town of Rhodesdale, Maryland, located near the Delaware border. These numbers are fairly uncertain due to inconsistencies among the eyewitness accounts, but are the best available at this time.

Event Data

Event ID 20181108-232600
Date (UTC) Nov. 8, 2018
Time (UTC) 23:26:00
AMS Event 4750-2018
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +39.295, -74.476
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +38.598, -75.817
Chicken Little Altitude 107.8 km → 74.8 km ( 67.0 miles→ 46.5 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 34.6 km/s (77,400 mph)