Event: 20190328-101420

More than 150 eyewitnesses in the Northeast reported seeing a fireball in the brightening sky on March 28th at 6:14 am Eastern Daylight Time (2019 March 28 10:14 UTC). The meteor was also observed by EarthCam cameras in Port Jefferson and Montauk, NY.

An analysis of eyewitness accounts and the two EarthCam videos indicates that the meteor began to ablate about 53 miles above Schunemunk Mountain near the town of Woodbury, NY. It moved in a northwest direction at a speed of 41,000 miles per hour, covering a ground distance of 19 miles before burning out at an altitude of 25 miles, midway between the towns of Walden and Ellenville, NY.

Event Data

Event ID 20190328-101420
Date (UTC) March 28, 2019
Time (UTC) 10:14:20
AMS Event 1414-2019
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +41.397, -74.121
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +41.640, -74.285
Chicken Little Altitude 84.7 km → 39.6 km ( 52.7 miles→ 24.6 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 18.2 km/s (40,700 mph)