Event: 20190725-030505

Hundreds of eyewitnesses in the northeastern United States reported seeing a bright fireball at 11:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time on July 24th (2019 July 25 03:05 UTC). An analysis of their accounts indicate that the meteor was first observed at an altitude of 63 miles above the town of Napeague on Long Island. From there, the object moved to the northwest at 65,000 miles per hour, finally ablating some 44 miles over the North Haven campus of Quinnipac University. A brightness estimate of the fireball made from videos submitted by the public places the peak intensity of the fireball at that of the Quarter Moon, putting the size of the fragment causing it at around 6 inches in diameter. Lacking more precise trajectory information, the origin of the object - comet or asteroid - remains unknown.

Event Data

Event ID 20190725-030505
Date (UTC) July 25, 2019
Time (UTC) 03:05:05
AMS Event 3151-2019
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +40.983, -72.044
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +41.425, -72.852
Chicken Little Altitude 100.7 km → 71.1 km ( 62.5 miles→ 44.2 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 29.7 km/s (66,400 mph)