Event: 20190827-020550

Numerous eyewitnesses in the mid-Atlantic states reported seeing a bright fireball on August 26th, 2019 at 10:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time (2019 August 27 2:06 UTC); it was also detected by a couple of all sky cameras in the region. An analysis of the available data indicates that the meteor became visible some 62 miles above the intersection of Highway 206 and Monmouth Road in New Jersey, moving slightly east of south at 56,000 miles per hour. Descending at a steep angle of 19 degrees from vertical, it ablated at an altitude of 30 miles above the town of Tabernacle. The object causing this fireball was too small and moving too fast to produce meteorites on the ground.

Event Data

Event ID 20190827-020550
Date (UTC) Aug. 27, 2019
Time (UTC) 02:05:50
AMS Event 4052-2019
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +40.019, -74.732
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +39.856, -74.720
Chicken Little Altitude 100.5 km → 49.2 km ( 62.4 miles→ 30.6 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 25.2 km/s (56,400 mph)