Event: 20191122-222300

Hundreds of eyewitnesses in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States reported seeing a bright fireball in the evening twilight 2019 November 22 at 5:23 Eastern Standard Time (22:23 UTC). An analysis of the reports indicates that the meteor first became visible at an altitude of 56 miles above the town of Troy, New Hampshire, moving to the northwest at 38,000 miles per hour. It ablated at an altitude of 41 miles above Franklin Pierce Highway, between Chesterfield and Keene. It was also captured by three EarthCams and a non-NASA all sky camera in the area.

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Event Data

Event ID 20191122-222300
Date (UTC) Nov. 22, 2019
Time (UTC) 22:23:00
AMS Event 5814-2019
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +42.832, -72.175
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +42.928, -72.389
Chicken Little Altitude 91.0 km → 65.7 km ( 56.5 miles→ 40.8 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 16.3 km/s (36,500 mph)