Event: 20191219-233900

A bright fireball was observed by numerous eyewitnesses in the mid-Atlantic states on December 19th at 6:39 PM Eastern Standard Time (2019 December 19 23:39 UTC). Analysis of their reports show that the meteor began to ablate at an altitude of 60 miles above the Atlantic, some 58 miles distant from the seaside town of Ocean City, Maryland. Travelling southwest at 40,000 miles per hour, the object disintegrated 38 miles above the ocean. It was captured by two cameras in the region, one being an EarthCam at Seaside Park, New Jersey and the other an all sky camera at Nanjemoy Creek Observatory, Maryland.

Event Data

Event ID 20191219-233900
Date (UTC) Dec. 19, 2019
Time (UTC) 23:39:00
AMS Event 6647-2019
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +38.538, -73.845
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +38.248, -74.139
Chicken Little Altitude 95.7 km → 61.0 km ( 59.4 miles→ 37.9 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 18.1 km/s (40,500 mph)