Event: 20200608-014200

On June 7, 2020 at 9:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time (2020 June 8 01:42 UTC), well over 100 members of the public in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania reported seeing a bright fireball. Analysis of their reports indicates that the meteor was first seen 49 miles above the town of St. Paul in northern Kentucky, moving to the northwest at 73,000 miles per hour. The object travelled 70 miles through the upper atmosphere, finally ablating 28 miles above the town of Bethel, in southern Ohio near Cincinnati.

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Event Data

Event ID 20200608-014200
Date (UTC) June 8, 2020
Time (UTC) 01:42:00
AMS Event 2740-2020
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +38.648, -83.044
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +38.996, -84.110
Chicken Little Altitude 78.6 km → 45.7 km ( 48.8 miles→ 28.4 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 32.5 km/s (72,700 mph)