Event: 20200930-102440

On September 30, 2020 at 6:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time, hundreds of eyewitnesses in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, New York, and Michigan, as well in southern Ontario, reported seeing a bright fireball. It was also detected in several all sky meteor cameras in the region, 2 belonging to the NASA Fireball Network and 4 that are part of the Southern Ontario Meteor Network. Analysis of the video data from these systems indicates that the fireball (which was caused by a cometary fragment weighing over 2 pounds) was at least as bright as the crescent Moon at its peak, and first appeared 82 miles above Hanover Township in Pennsylvania, moving to the NW at 150,000 miles per hour. The meteor fragment in a brilliant flash of light at an altitude of 57 miles above the Ohio town of East Liverpool, near the Pennsylvania border. This fireball was also captured on numerous other cameras and instruments such as the Geostationary Lightning Mapper onboard the GOES weather satellite and radiometers at the University of Western Ontario.

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Event Data

Event ID 20200930-102440
Date (UTC) Sept. 30, 2020
Time (UTC) 10:24:40
AMS Event 5441-2020
Size 2lbs
Origin cometary
NASA Camera Start Lat/Lon +40.400, -80.343
NASA Camera End Lat/Lon +40.585, -80.537
NASA Camera Altitude 132.5 km → 90.8 km ( 82.3 miles→ 56.4 miles)
NASA Camera Speed 67.2 km/s (150,400 mph)
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +40.800, -80.640
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +40.990, -80.916
Chicken Little Altitude 94.2 km → 66.6 km ( 58.6 miles→ 41.4 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 34.8 km/s (77,900 mph)