Event: 20210104-230625

Numerous eyewitnesses in the northeastern United States have filed reports of a fireball seen on January 4, 2021 at 6:06 PM Eastern Standard Time (2021 January 4 23:06 UTC). The meteor was also captured by 3 EarthCams in the region, as well as a railroad camera, and analysis of all available data shows that the fireball was first observed at an altitude of 54 miles above Jessup River Wild Forest in New York. Moving west at 56,000 miles per hour, the object travelled 71 miles through the atmosphere in 4.6 seconds before ablating 36 miles above Furnace Creek State Forest near Camden.

Image and Video from Mike McCormack at YouTube Channel youtube.com/bostonandmainelive

Event Data

Event ID 20210104-230625
Date (UTC) Jan. 4, 2021
Time (UTC) 23:06:25
AMS Event 27-2021
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +43.469, -74.285
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +43.392, -75.657
Chicken Little Altitude 87.0 km → 57.4 km ( 54.1 miles→ 35.7 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 25.0 km/s (55,900 mph)