Event: 20210225-021713

Members of the public in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana and Tennessee reported seeing a bright fireball on February 24, 2021 at 8:17 PM Central Standard Time (2021 February 25 2:17 UTC). An analysis of these accounts, constrained by a car dashcam video posted on YouTube and 2 EarthCams in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, show that the meteor appeared 61 miles above Brandenburg Mountain in north central Arkansas, moving almost due south at 91,800 miles per hour. The object passed over Little Rock before finally ablating 44 miles above El Dorado, near the Arkansas-Texas border – after traveling a distance of 193 miles through the upper atmosphere.

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Event Data

Event ID 20210225-021713
Date (UTC) Feb. 25, 2021
Time (UTC) 02:17:13
AMS Event 1094-2021
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +35.976, -92.046
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +33.195, -92.186
Chicken Little Altitude 98.3 km → 71.7 km ( 61.1 miles→ 44.5 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 41.0 km/s (91,800 mph)