Event: 20210726-015800

Hundreds of eyewitnesses in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma report seeing a very bright fireball. Analysis of their reports, combined with information obtained from a couple of videos from public/amateur cameras, shows that the meteor was first seen 48 miles above Texas Highway 11, between Sulphur Springs and Winnsboro. Moving northeast at 30,000 miles per hour, it travelled 59 miles through the upper atmosphere before fragmenting 27 miles above U.S. 82 , east of Avery. The fireball was at least as bright as a quarter Moon, which translates to something bigger than 6 inches in diameter with a weight of 10 pounds. The slow speed (for a meteor) suggests an asteroidal origin.

Event Data

Event ID 20210726-015800
Date (UTC) July 26, 2021
Time (UTC) 01:58:00
AMS Event 4002-2021
Size 6 inch diameter
Origin Asteroidal
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +33.054, -95.472
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +33.527, -94.700
Chicken Little Altitude 76.9 km → 44.1 km ( 47.8 miles→ 27.4 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 13.5 km/s (30,300 mph)