Event: 20211020-010750

Numerous eyewitnesses in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama have filed reports on the American Meteor Society website concerning a bright fireball seen at 8:08PM Central Daylight Time (2021 October 20 01:08 UTC). These reports have been combined with data from 3 publicly accessible cameras to derive a trajectory, which has a starting location of 61 miles above the town of Waldron in western Arkansas. The meteor moved a little east of south at 94,000 miles per hour, travelling some 45 miles before fragmenting 29 miles above Yocana.

Event Data

Event ID 20211020-010750
Date (UTC) Oct. 20, 2021
Time (UTC) 01:07:50
AMS Event 6743-2021
Chicken Little Start Lat/Lon +34.970, -94.045
Chicken Little End Lat/Lon +34.631, -94.047
Chicken Little Altitude 98.7 km → 72.2 km ( 61.4 miles→ 44.8 miles)
Chicken Little Speed 41.9 km/s (93,700 mph)